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Monday, July 28, 2008

We Love Lucy! An Older Child China Adoption Story

This family is currently in China to bring home their almost 4 year old daughter Lucy. The post below is taken from the travel blog 'We Love Lucy'.

After heading back to our hotel to wait for JingXuan...she arrived at around 11:45. When she walked in, the woman from the SWI told her we were Mama and Baba. She came right to me and kissed my cheek and said, "Mama". She also went right to Toby. We gave her the backpack we had for her, and the princess cell phone was an immediate hit. We were able to ask some questions about her, and then the SWI staff was on their way. XuanXuan waved bye bye and was off playing. Her arms and legs are covered in mosquito bites.
It didn't take long for us to realize we have a genuine "spicy" girl on our hands. For those of you who don't know what I mean...the Hunan province is known for it's spicy food and "spicy"girls! It didn't take us very long to realize she was bossing us around in Chinese. Our guide, Smile, said, "I think she is like a CEO".
XuanXuan had gotten car sick on the ride from Changde, so our guide ordered room service for her...congee and eggs. She sat at the little table and fed herself...and her baby. She loves her baby doll that we sent her. I don't really know how long she has had it because it's pretty clean, but it does have marker on her face, so I know she has played with it.
She loves to was her hands...VERY much. So I showed her the bathtub and she was ready to hop right in. Toby dropped in a washcloth and she immediately began washing herself and her hair. It was so sweet, but made me sad to think she thought she had to do it herself. After her bath, I showed her the drawer with all of her clothes, and she knew exactly what she wanted to wear. I let all those ideas of what her first outfit should be fly right out the window, and let her decide. Candy, she chose the white shorts and cute light green polka dot shirt you bought her.
We took her to the playroom for awhile, and back to our room to play for awhile. She is such a sweet little girl. She is extremely smart and very easy to make laugh. She is definitely keeping us on our toes. We looked at her photo album with her, and she repeated the names of each of the boys.
We had dinner in the restaurant, and this girl can eat!! Every waitress was hanging around our table talking to her, and she was making them laugh so hard. She is very friendly, and willing to go to anyone right now...she even gave two gentlemen on the elevator kisses on the cheek. I will need some advice on when I might need to limit some of this behavior. She is just so sweet that everyone is just attracted to her.
Back in our room after dinner she has on her panda jammies and has brushed her teeth, and is still playing. She did not nap today, so we will try to get her to bed in the next few minutes...wish us luck!
Sorry if this seems all over the place, but it is crazy in here right now...and I am a little exhausted. Good Night!