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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lucy Lane...An Ethiopia Adoption Miracle

This is one of the most beautiful Gotcha Day Videos I have ever seen. If you are considering adoption from Ethiopia, you will definitely want to see this family's story.

Click Below:

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ethiopia Adoption Alert Issued


Adoption Alert

Bureau of Consular Affairs
Office of Children’s Issues

May 26, 2009

Adoptions of Abandoned Children Halted by Ethiopian Court

On May 4, 2009 the Ethiopian First Instance Court temporarily stopped accepting cases involving abandoned children referred by orphanages in Addis Ababa, citing a substantial increase in the number of children being brought for adoption. The number of abandoned children from orphanages in Addis Ababa has grown dramatically in recent months and Ethiopian authorities have become aware of possible cases of unethical practices associated with some of them.

Neither the Ministry of Women’s Affairs (MOWA) nor the First Instance Court had been accepting abandonment cases from any orphanage in Addis Ababa pending an inquiry. However, on May 23 the Court confirmed that while the investigation into cases of abandoned children continues, it has begun accepting cases of abandoned children referred from Addis Ababa government orphanages. These include the following orphanages:

  • Kebebe Tsehay Orphanage
  • Ketchene Orphanage
  • Kolfe Youth Center

Please continue to monitor adoption.state.gov for updated information on Ethiopia.

Monday, May 4, 2009

CCAA Announcement Regarding S*wine Flu and Travel to China to Complete Adoptions

Date of Release:April 30,2009   Souce:CCAA

Adoption agencies:

Currently there are cases of human infection of the swine flu found in some countries and regions. With the high infectivity of this disease, children are susceptible to it for their low resistance. In order to avoid cross infection during the process of adoption registration and protect the health of children in orphanages as well as the adoptive parents, we hereby announce that:

Adoption agencies are required to counsel the adoptive parents who have received Notice of Coming to China for Adoption to postpone their trip to China for the registration procedure.

The validity period of Notice of Coming to China for Adoption issued between March 1 to April 30 this year is prolonged from three months to five months (There is no need to update the paper).

Adoptive families are advised to follow the arrangement of local registration authorities and cooperate during the entrustment of child for the harmony period and the adoption registration process.

If adoptive parents feel unwell during their stay in China for the registration procedure, they shall go to the hospital for medical checkup in time and report to CCAA about relevant situation.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Please contact the following persons for more information:
  Li Lei 010-65548835
  Li Zhiqiang 010-65548836

                   China Center of Adoption Affairs

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Love Without Boundaries Born In My Heart Auction

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Help us again by donating to our 2009 Born In My Heart Art Auction.

Our 2009 Born In My Heart Art Auction is April 23 - 28.
Deadline for donations is April 1st, 2009.
For more information, please email an Auction Coordinator at auction@lwbmail.com

Examples of donations might be paintings, photography, sculpture, quilts, gift baskets (a great idea for DTC groups!), China-related books, cookware, scrapbooking, dolls, heirlooms, jewelry...something that reflects your own passions, talents and love for China's orphans.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Couldn't find the right words to thank you... Ethiopia Adoption

Couldn't find the right words to thank you...

by Christie 'Bushel and a Peck'.

Ethiopia. Ethiopia.

What will I do with you, Ethiopia?I have to confess, I didn't like you. I know it's not polite to admit it, but I didn't. The minute we got on the plane, I was overcome with doubt. When we landed, I took one look out the plane window and felt I was in another world...not just another country.
Your rifle appointed guards, your barren poverty on every corner, your loud and chaos filled streets...the smell of spices and incense in the air...the bells tolling for the Mosque's at 4am...hard beds, burning trash, I could go on and on...but I already have.
Part Two Click Here
I've been able to put some space between us. Many months have passed since I came and went - not leaving much of an impression there on your land. Really, I just wanted to write and tell you that I'm feeling sad lately. I thought you would understand, since you and I shared something. The exchange of a life experience...you gave and I took. The exchange of a multi-cultural life lesson...again, I was the recipient. Most importantly, the gift of a son. Your son. A son of your country, your people, your land. I wish I could tell you how much that gift has meant to me...to share with you all the joy and wonder he has brought to my life and to somehow, some way invite you in to see all the goodness and healing he has given to my heart. I wish I could...but I can't.
This is why I'm so sad...You gave me something that filled my life so much, and it was because someone else's life was broken. Broken in a way that your tired land couldn't fix. In fact, I tried not to think of that too much when I was there - because I was selfishly so overwhelmed and in my own head - that I didn't let myself dwell on the reasons. I was selfish. And I wanted to say I'm sorry. Because now, I think I'm beginning to understand what you did. You made it possible for me to take care of him and you gave us an intimate bird's eye view into your dilemma - so that just maybe, by some small chance, we might try and make a difference for you and your people. For your children. Maybe, just maybe, we wouldn't come home and complain about our experience. Maybe instead we would see past the cultural differences and feel a tug at our core to make a difference for you. For them...
I've found myself lately wondering how I can make a difference. So I wanted you to know that I'm trying out some ideas. Always telling anyone who will listen about our journey there and back. Trying to come up with some ways to help the many children that were left behind...and that arrive every week to begin their walk as orphans. Trying to decide how many of your children I can fit into this house, so that I can reach out and try to help.
I don't know how to convince people...because too many don't want to leave the comfort of their homes and their safe places. It's too scary for them. I confess, I was one of them. Adoption is daunting and sometimes it can be hard to explain to them what we experienced and that it's just a plane ride. That you leave D.C. and get off a plane in Africa. That's it. That sacrifice can pull a child from one devastating circumstance into a loving home, a family, a future. Still, not everyone can imagine that they could do it. But I won't stop trying...and I wish you could see Quint! I think he does all the work, just by smiling and lighting up a room. Who could picture this little baby growing up in a crowded orphanage with nothing? I wish they knew how many we had to leave behind that are doing just that...
So I wanted you to know that I think about you a lot, Ethiopia. I didn't think I could or would ever go back, but you have a way about you...that's for sure. You kind of grew on me...after the fact. I can't quite get you out of my system, and I can't figure it out. I actually look at pictures now and then of our trip...and well, I miss you. And I wanted you to know that I think we'll be back, Lord willing. If it's ok with you, we'll try and raise a couple more of your sweeties. And we'll do our best to educate them about how they can grow up to impact their birthland as well. I'm not sure what that will look like...but we'll do our best.
Sorry it took me so long to come around...I've been thinking about writing this for a while now, I just couldn't quite find the right words.I think I've found them...With Gratitude,Christie

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kyrgyzstan Adoption Warning


Adoption Alert
Bureau of Consular Affairs
Office of Children’s Issues
February 13, 2009

The U.S. Department of State does not recommend that U.S. citizens consider adoption from Kyrgyzstan at this time. Currently, no adoption cases are being processed, including at least sixty-five adoption cases by U.S. citizens already in progress. In addition, the Kyrgyz government is considering significant changes to its adoption regulations.
The Kyrgyz Government has formed an adoption commission that includes officials from the Vice Prime Minister’s office, the Ministries of Education, Social Protection and Labor, Foreign Affairs, Internal Affairs, and Justice, as well as the General Prosecutor’s office. This commission is responsible for drafting new adoption policy and legislation, with special emphasis on clarifying the roles and responsibilities of the different agencies involved. The commission will recommend whether the Kyrgyz Republic should join the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption. The commission plans to report to Parliament by March 20; the Parliament will then choose what action it will take on these proposals. The Kyrgyz government does not intend to process any adoption cases, new or pending, until the adoption commission issues its report and Parliament has taken action on its recommendations.
Although the new legislation likely will not affect existing cases of children already matched with adoptive parents, it will allow the Ministry of Education authority to resume processing these adoption dossiers. New adoption cases would be subject to any new requirements established by Parliament.
The U.S. Embassy continues to monitor the situation and will provide clarification as soon as it is received.

Friday, January 9, 2009

US 2008 Adoption Statistics

Top 10 Countries

Guatemala 4,123

China 3,909

Russia 1,861

Ethiopia 1,725

South Korea 1,065

Vietnam 751

Ukraine 457

Kazakhstan 380

India 307

Colombia 306

*Numbers are from the US Department of State