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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

China Adoption...Realtime

Feature Blog: Journey to Baby Miracle

This family is currently in China to bring home their new son.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Forever Family Day...WE HAVE GRAEME!!!!!!

Graeme with his Nanny and the bear we sent in a care package.
Graeme is watching us and interacting but staying close to the Nanny.

A little while after the Nanny left, he is enjoying his cheerios.

Daddy has his hands full and is loving every minute of it!

Graeme is hanging onto his Daddy!

Mommy and Graeme, I have waited so long for this moment!

The Miracles...now a family of four!

Graeme at lunch...he loves noodles just like Lily

Lily Wen, proud Jie Jie (big sissy)

Lily sharing her Daddy's lap with her brother

Daddy, Graeme and Lily check out the fish!

This has been an amazing day. We have waited and anticipated for so long but nothing can prepare you for the emotions of the day. WE HAVE GRAEME! As I am typing, Wes, Lily and Graeme are attempting to nap. I think Wes is napping and Lily and Graeme are checking each other out! They are so cute.
About our day...we arrived at the Civil Affairs office in Hefei. We were told that the babies from Bengbu are usually late so we were not expecting to find him there. Our small group got seperated and as we were getting on the elevator, Andy met his son for the first time. Wyatt and his Nanny arrived at the elevator. It was a great moment. We rode up the elevator without our guide as she was trying to find the rest of our group. We wandered down the hall of the office and I looked in a conference room and there he was. You can forget formality this time. I got on the floor next to him and opened his backpack and gave him his cars which he clutched in his hand. Then, I started to feed him cheerios. He just ate and ate. The Nanny was trying to get him to sit with me but he was not going for it at all. After about 10 minutes, our guide told us that the nanny and director would leave and hand him to us and that he would probably cry.
They handed him to me and he was sooooo sad. It was heartbreaking as he cried. We walked into the hallway and he pushed away from me as I held him and tried to calm him. He let us walk him down the hall and then we realized he was headed for the door. He tried to go out the way he came in and we had another heartbreaking moment as we had to turn him away from the door. He calmed quickly with food and a sippy cup of water. We were trully amazed at how well he did this morning. He has let us both hold him but right now...he is a Daddy's boy (at least since we have been back to the hotel).
When we left the Civil Affairs office, I was holding him in the van and he quickly fell asleep on the ride back. Since then, he has been pretty quiet and taking it all in. Every now and then, he gets an intense look on his face. He has only cried once when I changed his diaper and then his clothes. He is too cool to be wearing a gray t-shirt, green camoflauge shorts and pink sandals with flowers. After the change, he has not cried once! He is not feeling well though so keep him in your prayers. The doctor just left and he has bronchitis and a low grade fever so we will start medicine tonight.
We were so pleased that the orphanage director sent him in a shirt we had sent. She also brought both photo albums, the little bear and the two cameras that we sent with all of the pictures taken.
I know that many of you are worried about Lily. She has done FABULOUS! She is doing everything she can to calm him when he cries. She shared her lunch with him and has been playing on the bed with him. She is a great Jie Jie, big sister. This is also the only word he has tried to say today..Jie Jie. He watches her every move. She has been a little jealous and wants to be held by whoever is holding him which is to be expected.

My three sweeties are all snuggled in the bed and I think I'll go join them. This has been a wonderful day! He is a little quiet which is not his personality so I know that he is having a tough time. Even though, he is doing quite well. We have grown to a family of four and couldn't be happier.


Ashley Winters said...

Congratulations to the happy family. Your little boy and girl are both adorable.

Table for Six said...

Precious, just precious.
Brings back a flood of memories of our adoption of Daniel last year
much love,Jill
Table for Six

The Byrd Family said...

Congratulations!!! He is adorable...

Jewels of My Heart said...

So beautiful..... how I love happy endings and happy beginnings...