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This blog is a place for information, answers and support for families who are considering international adoption, waiting or are home with their children. My name is Kimberley and I am the coordinator of this site. This blog is truly a network of families who are willing to support others along their journey to their child. The blogs listed on my sidebar are arranged by country and these families have volunteered to act as a resource to anyone who needs one. These are amazing people who are dedicated to helping families who are on the journey to their children in another country. If you are looking for someone to talk with or if you have a blog and would like to be available to help others, please feel free to e-mail me at timnkim@gmail.com.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Day One...

Well, I can see already that I should have done this post a little earlier today and the blog is getting quite a few visitors. Please let me know what you think about the concept and if you would like to participate. The purpose here is to support international adoption and provide up to date information as soon as possible. If you have an article or news that you think would help other families, please feel free to contact me and I'll get it on the blog.
I am having sidebar links made for participating familes. If you would like one, please leave a comment and your e-mail address and I will get it out to you as soon as they are created.

We do have a glitch with the comments, you have to click on the divider graphic...we'll get that fixed : )
Thank you!


Dawn said...


What a wonderful idea...I would love to be one of your China families. Leave it to you to think of such a great idea to fill a need!!

Denise said...

Count me in...you are more than welcome to include our blog. Maybe you are also going to have a special section for SN blogs/questions?

Somewhere In The Sun said...

Kimberly, another link you might want to consider is https://www.grace-hope.org/index.aspx

Grace & Hope for Children run the foster care program that Olivia was in and they were responsible for her surgeries. They have programs all over China.


Denise C said...

Great job Kimberley!!! I just love it! What a wonderful place for adopting families to come and meet all the precious people that blog with you!!!
I will lift all of you in prayer as you begin this awesome project of love!
Sweet Blessings!

Jill W said...

Please add us to the China families! We would love to help out.

Annette said...

Great idea!
We are currently waiting for our China adoption, and have previously adopted from Russia. You can add my blog.

Sam said...

Great job! I do have one suggestion. Could you mark those blogs who have adopted special needs with a star or something? That might help those trying to find their way. With how things are going with China, many are changing to SN or considering it. Just a suggestion! Feel free to add me to your China list (NSN)!

Sam @ Just Keep Swimming